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Praise for
The Tori Trotter Mysteries

Winner, Certificate of Excellence,
Cat Writers’ Association, 2006

“It reads like Dashiell Hammett, but it’s cats!”
— Charles C. Gruppé, artist

“I'm Alyssa, and twelve years old. I loved your books!! I couldn't put them down. They are such great books, and have places of honor on my bookshelves. They had fascinating plots, and I loved the subtle jokes. I am also currently reading 'Tiberian Tiger' to my 8-year-old sister. She loves them just as much! Your books are really for all ages, and because I'm a cat lover, I adore them ten times more! Eagerly awaiting your next book.”
— Alyssa Mulé

“I really felt that the characters were talking to me as it was so life like. You really captured the personality of each of your cat characters. Once I started reading the book, I could not put it down until I finished.”
— Sarah Stephenson, Teacher, Bridgeport, CT

“My students and I finished your book, It is fabulous and really opened up discussions for vocabulary and character development. We loved finding out about the CIA!”
— Lisa Daur, Teacher, ALP (Gifted) Program, North Street School, Greenwich, CT

“I smiled often at your twists of human sayings into cat talk. I’m a softy for happy endings. And I just know Tibby will settle down with Muffy and forget about the other fish he intended to fry. I assume you are continuing your Tori Trotter mysteries. If not, I encourage you to do so. You are very talented.”
— Kathy Radigan, Financial Consultant, Brooklyn, NY

“It is past my bedtime, but I couldn’t stop reading your book. I loved it! I know my granddaughter will love it too. I can’t wait for the others in your series.”
— Shirley Garnett, artist, Greenwich, CT

“I enjoyed the Tori Trotter book very much. I have been an animal lover all my life, and enjoyed the personalities of your cats in the book. I also very much liked the history interjected in the story... a great way for kids to learn!”
— Phoebe Blackwell, retired Master Sergeant, U. S. Army, mother of three, East Flat Rock, NC

“Oh, what a delightful read the Tiberian Tiger is! I had a chance to spend time with it/you in the last couple of days and just delighted in the ways that you added humor to your story, Barbara ... Merritt Parkway and all! Thanks so much for sharing the book with me.”
— Margie Ingram, Director of Special Programs The HUMOR Project, Inc, Saratoga Springs, NY.

“We loved reading Tori Trotter. First of all your book had so much humor. Patrick loved how Scout always ate before Tori would show up. Anna thought Zoe's seriousness about the password was hysterical. Claudia found humor in the beginning when Tori said she liked ‘Red Herring’, "I'm a detective, I am also a cat." Secondly, the twist at the end made your story so thrilling. ... And last but not least, we loved the way you developed your characters. Tori's dry sense of humor and professional ways really made him a good cat detective. Scout seemed to be like a young kid always running for food, trying to catch a butterfly, and always getting into mischief. Misty, the internet cat, curious and informative. It was so wonderful how you took cats that you know and put them into your story with such different personalities. The Mystery of Tori Trotter is funny, exciting, and the characters are so enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your writing with us and we can't wait to read your next book.”
— Patrick Ryan, Claudia Ricciardi & Anna Giannnuzzi, Grade 2 students from the North Street School

“I read your book for the second time. It is so delightful, mysterious and full of intrigue. I just love it... of course I love Cats.”
— Rosmarie Nasr

“The interest never lags. Stretton’s understanding and empathy with cats and cat-habits is extraordinary. The Purloined Persian is another winner!”
— Michael Pastore, author of The Zorba Anthology of Love Stories

“Barbara Stretton brings her feline friends to life in this, her second cat detective book—a must-read for cat lovers of all ages.”
— Lucy Hedrick, author of Get Organized in the Digital Age

“Cat lovers and mystery lovers alike will delight in this newest addition in the Tori Trotter Mystery series. Stretton brings Tiberius, Muffy, Uncle Gus and their friends alive as they put their imaginative powers to work to solve the mystery of the ‘Purloined Persian.’ ”
— Margie Ingram, Vice President of The HUMOR Project, Inc.

“The mystery builds with each page, and young readers will love the cast of cat characters. And I loved the ending, which I’m sure is the lead-in to the next book.”
— Rick Arruzza, author of Sparky’s Big Race